BreathEasy 2.0 Agility Shorts - Black

BreathEasy 2.0 Agility Shorts - Black

199,20 DKK 249,00 DKK

The Black BreathEasy Hexagonal 2.0 polyester shorts feature deep sidelined zipped pockets, with discrete, subtle loading graphic elements with reflective response technology.


The fabric includes our distinctive Hex-embossed styling which maximises both breathability and range of motion. The BreathEasy 2.0 Agility shorts are perfect for any sporting activities or as a stand-alone addition to any casual outfit.


- Flat Elastic waistband helps to avoid any discomfort
- Rear Pursue Fitness logo detailing.
- Reflective elements 
- Side Zipped Pockets
- 100% High-Grade Polyester 
- Mid-Loose Fit

(Model, slim, 182cm - Wearing size Medium)

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